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Guest Blog: CREG Tucson provides best practices to relocate your business


Michael Coretz
Real Estate Advisor,
Commercial Real Estate Group of Tucson


Express Employment Professionals in Tucson, one of the top staffing companies in the United States, sought a new business location with a better level of building maintenance. The president and owner of the local firm already had a booked schedule and did not want to add on top of that the time and stress to relocate. She felt overwhelmed by the deliberate search for new Tucson commercial space, lease contract negotiations and organization of a move.

Commercial Real Estate Group of Tucson employed a request for proposal at targeted landlords based on a market survey of available suitable locations. Responses to provisions in the RFP allowed CREG Tucson to easily show the client which landlords could reliably maintain its building. CREG Tucson also assisted in lease contract negotiations and advised the company on the move to the new site.

Express Employment Professionals moved into flexible space that would accommodate staff growth. The landlord improved the Tucson commercial space to create reception and job-seeker meeting areas, as well as provided a period of free rent.


  • Seek out an experienced tenant representative who can take over much of the work of relocation and work closely with you.
  • Using a request for proposal allows you to easily compare some elements of a lease contract that are important to you. That saves time and money.
  • Hire a Tucson commercial real broker who has contacts and check lists that will help move your operation with confidence.

Ask for CREG of Tucson’s “Relocation Guide” that details the steps to moving into a new Tucson commercial space, from site search to reopening. Contact me for a complimentary consultation of your relocation needs, +1-520-299-3400.

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In his 25-plus years as a commercial real estate tenant representative, Michael Coretz has picked up a wealth of information and expertise. He’s passionate about making sure that corporate users, tenants and buyers like you get a fair deal and the best solution for your business’s bottom line. Commercial Real Estate Group of Tucson specializes in representing tenants and corporate users across the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. For more information, call 520-299-3400 or visit


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