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Clean energy news: May 2023

Arizona, other Southwest states agree on new Colorado River water plan

Arizona and six other Southwest states that rely on water from the Colorado River have agreed to a new usage proposal, the Biden administration announced Monday. Arizona, Colorado, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming have submitted the plan to the Bureau of Reclamation for analysis. The three Lower Basin states – Arizona, Nevada and California – reached an agreement to conserve an additional 3 million acre-feet of Colorado River water by the end of 2026, with half of the savings made by the end of 2024. Read more >>

We Recycle Solar expands operation in Arizona

In 2016, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) estimated that cumulative solar panel waste volume would reach up to 1 million t globally by 2030, and 78 million t by 2050, based on an average PV lifespan of 30 years. However, as early solar panel replacement becomes more and more widespread, discarded solar panels are flooding US landfills – where they can contaminate soil and groundwater with toxic heavy metals and carcinogens including arsenic, lead, and cadmium – at rates that far outpace previous forecasts. Read more >>

ASU to lead new DOE Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute

The U.S. Department of Energy has selected Arizona State University to receive up to $70 million to establish a new Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute devoted to the challenge of fighting greenhouse gas emissions from industrial process heating. ASU will lead the multi-institution effort known as Electrified Processes for Industry Without Carbon, or EPIXC. Read more >>

How a Phoenix district’s electric school buses could protect kids and help them learn

When the wheels on a diesel school bus go round, the resulting exhaust disproportionately impacts the health of children and communities of color. That’s why west Phoenix’s Isaac School District, located in a predominantly Latinx part of the metro area, decided to pursue federal funding for electric school buses to ferry children into cleaner future learning environments. Read more >>

Bosch and Nikola are ready with hydrogen

When Nikola showed up to the 2022 ACT Expo in Long Beach last year, the message was simple: we’re still here. After all the trials and tribulations the fledgling truck brand had faced on its road to reality, the fact that it had survived Trevor Milton’s scattered, controversial “leadership” was probably the most underrated clean tech accomplishment of the last few years. But this year, the message was different. Nikola isn’t just here — Nikola is the real deal. Read more >>

Atlis Motor Vehicles gains shareholder approval for rebrand to Nxu

Atlis Motor Vehicles has gained shareholder approval to rebrand to Nxu Inc. in a move to restructure its business to focus on electric vehicle batteries and charging systems, the company announced on Thursday. The Mesa electric vehicle technology company will begin trading on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “NXU” on May 15. In addition, Atlis (Nasdaq: AMV) will become a subsidiary of a newly formed Delaware corporation, Nxu Inc. Read more >>

Buckeye gives final support to rezone Nikola property for hydrogen hub

Nikola Corp. has received the approval needed from the city of Buckeye for its planned hydrogen manufacturing plant to support the infrastructure and growth of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. The Phoenix-based electric truck manufacturer has been working through the entitlement process with the city of Buckeye to start developing a hydrogen production hub on an initial 160 acres in the southern part of the city. Read more >>

Arizona, Texas attracting EV and chip megafactories

While Arizona has had a large presence in the aerospace and defense sectors dating back to the 1980s, the state is becoming a hub for makers of electric vehicles, batteries and semiconductors. Some of the latest wins for Arizona include LG Energy Solution, which recently announced a $5.5 billion battery manufacturing facility near Phoenix, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), which is investing $40 billion to open the company’s second chip plant in the Grand Canyon State. Read more >>

Pete Buttigieg discusses the future of electric vehicles in Arizona

Secretary of the Department of Transportation Pete Buttigieg sat down with ABC15, discussing a number of topics including the future of electric vehicles in Arizona and across the country. According to the latest numbers from the Department of Energy, there are more than 40,000 electric vehicles zipping by on Arizona streets — but it’s not just about the energy savings. Read more >>

Governor announces first-of-its-kind cross-border electric truck pilot program

Alongside Governor Durazo, Governor Hobbs announced a first-of-its-kind Cross-Border Electric Trucking Pilot Program that will build businesses, create jobs, and help preserve Arizona’s natural resources and climate. This program will help ensure Arizona is leading the world into the green economy future. Read more >>

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