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Clean energy news: March 2022

Raising more than $1.2 million, Battle Approved Motors proves health of electric vehicle market

Phoenix-based Battle Approved Motors (BAM), an early-stage, high-end electric UTV (utility terrain vehicle) startup raises over $1.2M, proving the health of the electric vehicle market in an otherwise tumultuous time for investors. BAM continues to contribute to the future worth of the North America Electric Vehicle Market that’s expected to hit $396.94B by 2028. Featured in Robb Report and Business Insider, BAM develops electric vehicle technology for work and performance-based off-road vehicles, creating zero emission vehicles with a lower carbon footprint, no noise pollution, and reliable, high-performing electric batteries. Read more >>

Local Opinion: The climate crisis is now, we need to invest in solutions

The latest report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), confirms what many Arizonans already know to be true — the climate crisis is here and urgent action is needed to reduce carbon pollution. At least 3.3 billion people worldwide are highly vulnerable to increasingly deadly climate-change-fueled heat waves, extreme weather, air pollution, diseases and displacement. Our state is already experiencing the harms of a climate in crisis. Arizona is facing the worst drought in 1,200 years, our wildfire season continues to increase in length and severity, and heat waves are worsening. Read more >>

We need statewide plan for EV charging network

The future of the auto industry is electric. This year’s Super Bowl LVI ads underscore the consumer shift away from gas, as automakers BMW, GM, Chevrolet, Kia, Nissan and Polestar each showcased their zero-emission vehicles to viewers across the globe. And here in Arizona, we are pioneering a more sustainable transportation future. Our state has emerged as one of the epicenters of electric-vehicle innovation in the country, highlighted by an influx of manufacturers and suppliers that have expanded here. Read more >>

EPA awards Arizona schools $320k to purchase cleaner buses

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Tuesday it will award federal funds to Arizona schools to replace older, high-polluting diesel school busses with cleaner models. The Theodore Roosevelt School in Fort Apache and Glendale Union High School District won national competitive efforts and will receive rebates totaling $320,000. Read more >>

Solar co-op launches for Maricopa County businesses and homeowners to go solar

Nonprofit group Solar United Neighbors (SUN) recently announced the launch of the Maricopa County Solar Co-op to help residents go solar. “The co-op will enable Maricopa homeowners and business owners to join the growing community of people saving money by harnessing solar power,” said Bret Fanshaw, Arizona program director for Solar United Neighbors. Read more >>

The Russian oil embargo proves we need a clean energy revolution

On July 15, 1979, President Jimmy Carter addressed a nation engulfed by instability. Years of inflation and job losses had weakened the domestic economy. The Cold War was still raging and new tensions were appearing in the Middle East. And at the center of it all was an oil crisis ignited by upheaval in Iran, resulting in empty gas pumps around America. Read more >>

Universal Technical Institute enlists help in effort to expand electrical vehicle training

Phoenix-based Universal Technical Institute Inc. is working to develop educational programming to meet demand for technicians in the electric vehicle (EV) market, and it has enlisted the Bosch Group to help with those efforts. The courseware collaboration will build on hybrid and EV training that is offered at three of UTI’s California schools, with coverage of high-voltage vehicle operation; EV components, operation, diagnosis and service; electronic principles; and electric battery system operation and testing. Read more >>

Under the hood at Legacy EV, a Tempe startup that helps convert classic cars to electric vehicles

As the world grapples with climate change, some car lovers are swapping internal combustion engines for electric motors with the help of Legacy EV, a Tempe company that makes EV conversion kits. Legacy EV operates as a parts distributor and integrator, pulling together components made by other manufacturers into different kits and then selling them to its customers, mainly auto shops. The kits range from $17,800 on the low end, up to more than $66,000 for higher performance packages. Read more >>

Erthos raises $17.5 million for earth-mounted solar panels and cleaning robot

Reconfiguring the world’s energy system to combat climate change is a complex problem, but a Tempe company has come up with a solution to produce cheap renewable energy — simply put the solar panels at ground level. Erthos, a startup in Tempe, builds earth-mounted solar panels directly on the ground. This technique saves money, allows a cleaning robot to sweep the panels each night and ultimately yields cheaper power, the company said. Read more >>

What does it mean to hold businesses accountable for climate change?

The relationship between the private sector and climate change is complicated. While business-driven economic activity creates most greenhouse gas emissions, innovative businesses also hold the solutions to prevent, mitigate and adapt to climate change and its adverse impacts on our planet and its people. At GreenBiz 22, GreenBiz’s annual conference in Scottsdale, Arizona earlier this month, corporations discussed how they are planning and already taking action to avert future climate disaster and ensure climate equity and justice. Read more >>

As gasoline prices tick up in Arizona, stoked by war abroad, demand for electric vehicles could grow

Gasoline prices have risen steadily for the past 15 months, buoyed by the reopening of the economy and now pushed by concerns about the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Average gasoline prices in the Phoenix area have risen from about $2.23 a gallon in late November 2020 to about $3.80 Friday and have increased steadily so far in 2022, according to Read more >>

ElectraMeccanica – which is building Valley factory – gets initial fleet order from restaurant franchise

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp. — the Canadian maker of three-wheeled electric vehicles whose assembly facility is currently under construction in Mesa — has announced an initial fleet purchase from a franchisee of a regional restaurant chain. The order of 20 vehicles comes from Pelican Food Concepts owner Phillip Dade, a franchisee of multiple Mountain Mike’s Pizza locations in Arizona and Utah. Read more >>


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