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Chip-design company Ambature Inc. announces new test results for superconductive building process

Ambature’s proprietary solution opens the door for enhanced high-performance computing, quantum computing, quantum sensors and advanced medical diagnostics

Ambature, Inc., a privately held company that designs superconducting quantum materials and devices, announced test results using a new form of high-temperature superconducting material (a-axis YBCO) to generate a trilayer Josephson Junction (JJ) device. This type of a-axis YBCO superconducting material, when designed into JJ devices, enables simpler foundry fabrication, quantum device design, and high-performance analog and digital circuit solutions. 

“These test results demonstrate that our proprietary technology of a-axis YBCO material is not only extremely high quality, it can be designed into JJ devices,” said Ron Kelly, Ambature CEO. “This allows us to accelerate our plans to scale this technology in stand-alone JJ applications or in volume with traditional silicon foundries. The results also affirm our strategy of protecting this technology with an extremely strong patent portfolio that gives us freedom of manufacturing and flexibility in our business model.”

The test results follow success in generating very high-quality a-axis YBCO material. The use of a-axis architecture YBCO, as opposed to the common approach of using conventional c-axis architecture with other materials, allows easier fabrication of JJ devices in large scale foundries.

Ambature’s JJ technology enables an extremely fast and energy-efficient computer processor and one of the best sensors in the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Its core JJ technology addresses two basic problems: parasitic heat and short-lived quantum coherence. Parasitic heat is caused by electrical resistance in devices such as computers, cell phone base stations, data centers and batteries. It is the major barrier to advances in semiconductor power, speed, efficiency, density and reliability. Short-lived quantum coherence is a barrier to advances in a number of applications exploiting quantum effects–most notably quantum computers. The semiconductor industry needs new materials, architectures, and circuit designs to address these problems. Today, Ambature’s low-resistance materials and patented JJ architecture make these solutions achievable.   

The opportunities to impact a number of industry verticals with this technology are far reaching; JJ’s have been shown to be a perfect vehicle for high-performance and energy-efficient products, and Ambature’s test results demonstrate a huge step forward for the industry. The potential for increased performance in applications include high-performance and quantum computing, autonomous vehicles, telecommunications, data centers, medical diagnostics and AI. These applications have multiple use cases for both commercial and military markets.

About Ambature
Based in Waterloo, Ontario and Scottsdale, Arizona, Ambature, Inc. designs superconducting quantum materials and devices to power an innovative and sustainable future.  Ambature owns and offers for license over 200 patents, with over 3700 unique patent claims, worldwide. For more information, visit


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