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Chief Science Officers complete Level-2 training at University of Advancing Technology

Chief Science Officers (CSOs) gathered at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) in Tempe, Ariz., and trained with mentors, advisers and staff on how to continue to improve their action plans and leadership skills, known as level 2 training. The event drew 25 students and STEM professionals from successful CSO programs around the country.



During a Q&A session with SciTech Institute Executive Director Dr. Jeremy Babendure, students eagerly bounced ideas off Dr. Babendure and Director of School Success Kelly Greene. Multiple students discussed the benefits from their training sessions and acknowledged even though they have a lot to improve on, they are excited to continue to work on their leadership skills to reach their full potential as future leaders in science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM). Many students expressed how the CSO program impacted their personal growth, their peers’ interest in STEM, and made a difference in their communities.

The students emphasized how the global program is making an impact on people’s lives and how meeting CSOs from across the world had changed and expanded their worldview. The common themes among the student responses from the training were empowerment, ideas, positive change and quality work. In turn, Dr. Babendure encouraged the students to remain enthusiastic and take it to the next level.

“Chief Science Officers could be a social change tool; you can take this opportunity and make it happen,” Babendure told the audience of CSOs. 

By all accounts, the Level 2 training at UAT was a resounding success and the CSOs took many great lessons and examples back home to continue their work in involving their peers, teachers and communities in STEM.

“We thank UAT for hosting us for our Level 2 training and providing facilities for our training,” said Kelly Greene, director of student success. “We are excited to see the impact of level 2 training in CSO clubs, among their peers and in their communities and we know the CSOs will continue their outstanding efforts to further STEM awareness.”

The Chief Science Officer program is a global project of the SciTech Institute, with regional officers in multiple states in the United States, Kuwait and Mexico. The program seeks to create a pipeline of diverse STEM leaders, increase communication and collaboration among CSOs, enrich school STEM culture and career awareness, and increase student voice in STEM conversations in the community. To learn more about the CSO program or to get involved, visit

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