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Certification Partners announces leadership change

Certification Partners, which creates vendor-neutral curriculum and high-stakes certifications for building skills and careers, has announced that the company’s Owner/CEO, Barry Fingerhut, has appointed Erik Barrantes as the new President of Certification Partners.

“I’m delighted to announce a significant philosophical change within Certification Partners, LLC towards company revenue generation and product growth in contrast to our historical emphasis primarily upon product development,” says Mr. Fingerhut. “I believe this perspective will enhance the company’s market image and credibility in addition to significantly increasing the value of our products while challenging the talents of our management team.”

As part of this transition, Mr. Barrantes will manage all company efforts while working with Mr. Fingerhut to direct all significant ongoing corporate operations.

Erik Barrantes has served at Certification Partners for over a decade and primarily worked as the Director of Sales Operations. “These changes will better us as a company and provide more support in areas like marketing and product development,” says Mr. Barrantes. “We are very excited about this new approach and believe it will produce higher levels of communication and products in the next chapter of Certification Partners.”


About Certification Partners   

Certification Partners is the owner and operator of CIW (Certified Internet Web Professional), and ICT (Information and Communication Technology Essentials). Since 1997, CIW has educated nearly 2 million students and professionals and issued over 250,000 professional IT certifications throughout thousands of middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and learning centers worldwide. The CIW core curriculum focuses on the foundational standards and job skills that enable the Internet to function, including Web design, security, administration, networking, and databases.  

Certification Partners teaches learners of all ages the essential skills and knowledge to success in the modern workplace. Certification Partners, LLC is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, USA, with a satellite office in Ireland. For more information about CIW, please visit 


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