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Axosoft announces the GitKraken Suite of developer tools

A Suite of Tools for Planning & Coding:  Arguably the two most important phases in the DevOps lifecycle are Plan and Code. Axosoft’s GitKraken Suite gives you everything you need to bridge the two phases in one ecosystem. 


We’ve always been focused on creating tools that make development teams more productive. In 2014, we introduced GitKraken, the legendary cross-platform Git GUI: an intuitive tool to visualize what’s going on under the hood of Git in a way that makes version control less intimidating for individual developers and more scalable for organizations. 

Next came Glo Boards, a Kanban tool for project managers and developers. This tool has since evolved to include epic features like two-way GitHub Issue sync, workflow automation, Slack integration, and so many other features that improve communication and collaboration across teams.

One thing was still missing from the set of tools organizations need to communicate high-level project goals and milestones across development teams and departments. Enter GitKraken Timelines, the first tool of its kind, designed to show major project milestones on a continuous line that represents time. This tool allows product teams to overlay multiple timelines on top of each other to avoid capacity conflicts during planning and makes it easy to share release timelines company-wide so everyone from Marketing to Customer Support knows what’s coming down the pipeline.

As we began using these tools in tandem across our own organization, we experienced first-hand how development teams and software companies could be more efficient at communicating, better at collaborating, and overall more productive by using this suite of tools together.


Project Management & Issue Tracking

Regardless of whether your development teams practice Scrum, Kanban, or a hybrid agile methodology, project management and issue tracking are foundational to the Plan phase of DevOps. GitKraken Boards is a task and issue tracking system that allows development teams to visualize tasks in a Kanban board, calendar, dashboard, or timeline. 

GitKraken Boards integrates directly with GitHub to reduce context switching as your development team completes tasks and makes progress towards milestones. The two-way sync capability with GitHub Issues and Milestones provides project managers visibility into current project progress as soon as developers update card statuses.

High-performing developers rely on automating their workflows to increase productivity, which is why we’ve made it so easy to set up workflow automation for GitKraken Boards. Use GitHub Actions or built-in column automation to eliminate repetitive processes such as moving cards through workflow columns, updating labels, assigning users, adding relative due dates, etc.

Additionally, linking cards to pull requests provides further automation. When a pull request status is updated in GitHub, the card on your board will automatically advance to another column based on your chosen mapping.

GitKraken Boards is fully integrated with the GitKraken Git GUI, so developers can view, edit, and create new issues—or create branches tied to issues—directly from their coding environment, and see them immediately reflected in GitKraken Boards.

And for the 60% of software teams worldwide using Slack as a main method of communication, the Slack integration for GitKraken Boards gives your team the ability to preview cards, create new cards from Slack messages, update card assignees, labels, and columns all without leaving Slack. Plus, Slack notifications can be set up to alert team members when someone @mentions them in GitKraken Boards.

VISIT HERE to read the blog in its entirety and to learn more about Axosoft’s GitKraken Suite.



About Axosoft
Helping software developers and teams be more productive, Axosoft develops technology that is used by the world’s most elite software engineers. Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and thousands of other leading companies use Axosoft’s Agile Project Management Software and its GitKraken suite of developer tools. In addition, Axosoft created AZ CoWork, which supports and fosters the next generation of fast-growing tech companies in Arizona by hosting and sponsoring code-a-thons and conferences, developer groups, and finding creative ways to support software developers. Visit to learn more.


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