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Atlis Motor Vehicles reaches 2 gigawatt-hours in customer demand for batteries

Atlis Motors Press Releases

Atlis Motor Vehicles (Nasdaq: AMV), a vertically integrated electric vehicle technology ecosystem company, and the first battery manufacturer to be fully owned and operated in the US, today announced it has reached a milestone of two gigawatt-hours’ worth of battery capacity demand in the form of non-binding Letters of Intent, Memoranda of Understanding, and Purchase Orders from multiple customers in the automotive, heavy equipment, and solar industries.

This volume of sales interest in Atlis’ battery pack technology speaks to the market’s demand for robust energy solutions and the Company’s development of quick charging infrastructure, which stands to position Atlis as an emergent leader in the energy space.

“Efficiency in packaging and superior heat distribution through advanced immersion liquid cooling make Atlis battery technology a clear solution to the challenges facing customers and partners across a wide range of industries,” stated Mark Hanchett, Atlis Motor Vehicles’ Founder and CEO. “As the first US company to manufacture batteries stateside, we’ve set out to deliver consistent performance, regardless of conditions, and it is clear the market is responding. This strong demand is encouraging; now it’s up to our team to deliver.”

While subject to manufacturing capacity and the parties entering into final binding agreements, Atlis Motor Vehicles continues to demonstrate significant industry interest from automotive OEMs, construction equipment manufacturers, mining companies and more, laying a solid foundation from which the newly public company will continue to build.

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