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Atlassian marketplace platinum partner announces DevOps tool for Jira Software

GitKraken Press Release

GitKraken, the world’s premier developer of  Git tools for software developers, will be launching a free DevOps tool for Jira Software on the Atlassian Marketplace. As one of the first Platinum Partners to introduce a free extension for an existing Marketplace application, this announcement positions GitKraken as a leader in innovative product development for Git and Jira Software tools.

Git Integration for Jira is already the most popular paid app on the Atlassian Marketplace for using Git with Jira Software. This new extension, CI/CD for Jira, will enable Git Integration for Jira users to see build and deployment data directly in Jira Software, reducing context switching and errors while increasing productivity and enhancing developer experience. 

“We’re really excited to see the evolution of a Platinum Partner launching a free extension to accompany a paid Marketplace app,” says Ankush “Sunny” Manaktala, Technical Account Manager for the  Atlassian Partner Ecosystem. “If this model is successful in driving more revenue for Git Integration for Jira, we could really see this strategy revolutionizing the Marketplace.”

Git Integration for Jira serves more than 3.6 million users from 10,000 companies worldwide, and while it already provides the ability to view invaluable Git data directly from Jira Software, CI/CD for Jira takes data accessibility even further. The addition of build and deployment data on Jira Software issues will expand visibility of important DevOps information to everyone working on the project. 

“Not only will CI/CD for Jira increase the visibility of build and deployment status to more team members, the lack of such data from a Jira Software issue will actually act as an early warning system to alert people when a feature may be at risk of not making a release,” explains Adam Wride, General Manager of Planning Solutions at GitKraken and creator of Git Integration for Jira. 

“This free Jira Software extension enables us to share the power of Git Integration for Jira with teams that have advanced DevOps workflows,” said GitKraken CEO, Matt Johnston. “GitKraken serves 100,000+ organizations, and nearly half of them now leverage modern DevOps methodologies to speed their pace of innovation.” 

To install CI/CD for Jira, visit the Atlassian Marketplace. To enjoy the functionality offered by the CI/CD for Jira extension, you must have Git Integration for Jira installed

About GitKraken: GitKraken provides a suite of top-rated Git tools that help millions of developers be more productive each day — and teams around the world collaborate more closely. Our products serve developers wherever they are and wherever they code, whether it’s in their IDE, on their desktop, or in their issue tracking system. More than 10 million developers from 100,000 companies around the world rely on GitKraken’s tools to make Git work for them. More information at


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