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AMV announces landmark achievement: First company to successfully demonstrate over 1 megawatt charging capability

AMV Press Releases

Atlis Motor Vehicles (Nasdaq: AMV), a vertically integrated electric vehicle technology ecosystem company, and the first battery cell manufacturer to be fully owned and operated in the US, today announced successful demonstration of their ability to charge over 1 Megawatt. This is a significant milestone and marks a critical step towards realizing the Company’s vision of establishing a 1.5MW charging network.

As the market shifts towards electrification, access to rapid, dependable, and robust charging will be paramount to the success of this transition. At present, customers remain at the mercy of a fragmented and unreliable charging station network that maxes out at 350kW when traveling over US roads and highways.

Improving charging customer experience and increasing access to adequate infrastructure is fundamental to accelerating the adoption of electrified vehicles across sectors, especially Atlis’ target market segment. The Company has developed a proprietary megawatt charging handle and cable to make ultra-fast charging, and seamless user experience, a reality.

“Simply put, the state of charging capability and infrastructure in America is impeding progress. Whether your concern is commercial charging capability or access to consumer charging, one thing we know for certain is that the system is broken,” said Mark Hanchett, Founder and CEO of Atlis Motor Vehicles. “For business owners, uptime is the bottom-line. Widespread commercial infrastructure is the missing piece for many looking to transition their fleets to electric, and Atlis is ready to answer the call.”

While many in the industry have shared plans outlining conceptual megawatt charging systems, in the last month Atlis has both demonstrated its ability to charge over 1MW and debuted the design of its proprietary megawatt charging handle and cable. The Company is well on its way to building the future of charging without compromise and making reliable, ultra-fast charging a reality for those behind the wheels of consumer and commercial vehicles alike.

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About Atlis Motor Vehicles

Atlis Motor Vehicles is a vertically integrated EV technology ecosystem company leveraging its intellectual properties and U.S. manufactured battery innovations to support e-Mobility and energy storage solutions.

The Atlis Ecosystem will consist of industry leading Battery Cell and Pack technologies, Grid Level Energy Storage Solutions, Charging Infrastructure, Platform and Medium-Duty Electric Mobility Solutions, and Over-Air Cloud Management – all wrapped in Atlis Motor Vehicles’ seamless subscription-based models. For more information, visit


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