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Advanced Business Learning Academy launches a custom-built cyber range to match your infrastructure

Phishers can gain access to a company’s computers, networks and systems by tricking unsuspecting employees into clicking on email links with embedded malware. When employees use public access points that are not secure, cybercriminals can use wireless snooping tools to access sensitive data and transactions in combination with unsecure file sharing, where directories and files are made available for sharing.

As more and more employees work remotely, providing an extra layer of security can be the difference between trying to hack into an enterprise and a crippling data breach. In order to protect your data as much as possible, it is vital for every employer to make cyber security a top priority. Even if your company has the best security software and a comprehensive office policy, the decision you make about cyber security will play a major role in keeping your data secure.

Companies can improve their security practices by investing in a cyber security software that offers instant 24/7 access and numerous cyber experiences that address vulnerability assessment and Red and Blue Team activities.

CyberQ is one of few Cyber Security software programs designed to offer customized environments to create custom experiences ranging from single Box or file targets to complex Enterprise networks, CTF’s, and Force on Force competitions.

Preparing your Business with a Ready to Run Cyber Experience for Novice to Advanced Cyber Security Professionals Can Offer

  • Outpace threats using curated cyber range training exercises and content for every skill level from Novice to APT Hunt and everything in-between.
  • Accurately Benchmark your Team. A fully automated and integrated system that monitors and records training, assessments and progress over time.
  • Extensive table of Job Roles all Mapped to NIST 800-181, GHCQ, NICE/NIST, the CSWF, as well as cyber security exam domains like CEH.

Investing in a Cyber Experience Designed to Match your Infrastructure will Allow

  • Your InfoSec Team to test creative solutions in risk-free environment
  • New Hires – create and use job-specific assessments before you hire
  • Elevate DoD CMMC Level with Training that optimizes personnel and system security performance
  • Test your (BCP) Business Continuity Plan and identify (BIA) Business Impact Assessment issues

Prepare your organization for the inevitable and protect your organization’s assets by identifying skills gaps and implementing training to close them. To learn more about how to protect your organization from the inevitable visit


About Advanced Business Learning Academy

Advanced Business Learning is a leader in sales effectiveness, IT training, and leadership/professional development programs serving Fortune 1000 customers across the country and around the globe. Our team of elite consultants and best-of-breed partners are dedicated to delivering relevant, results-focused programs that have a measurable impact on your company’s short-term goals and long-term success.

Our heritage is one firmly based on the core belief that a consultant/trainer is far more credible and effective if they have “felt the pain” associated with being in senior leadership, sales management and field sales roles. Otherwise, it is virtually impossible for them to be taken seriously in front of an audience of seasoned professionals.


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