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Versatile approach to border protection

The Integrated Surveillance Solution (ISS), a creation of Scottsdale-based Benchmark Electronics, is being deployed by the U.S. Border Patrol to protect the border from people attempting to illegally cross northward near San Diego.

Previously in use only in Texas, ISS offer a multi-pronged approach, depending on the needs. In San Diego, the Mobile Video Surveillance System (MVSS) features long-range day and night imaging with lasers for ranging and night spotting. The MVSS is customizable with a mast that fully retracts into the bed of a standard pickup truck.

Other options for ISS are two-person towers that provide remote observation with an unobstructed 360-degree view and high-resolution thermal/day cameras. Also, drones can be added that automatically deploy to a target for a multi-angle view of the situation.

To learn more, watch the video or read here.

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