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2016 AZTC Public Policy Guide

AZTC_Slide-210x210pxThe 2016 legislative session is around the corner, and the Arizona Technology Council’s Public Policy Guide is hot off the presses. From energy to capital and aerospace to cybersecurity, our policy interests cover all the factors that make policy work for you and your company.

Arizona’s technology sector has shown enormous success, and the number of our high-tech jobs recently tied for the highest such growth in the United States since 2012. Our job growth surpassed that of even prominent high-tech hot spots like Austin, Silicon Valley, New York, and Seattle. That’s an impressive success, and a strong foundation on which we must continue to build.

Our 2016 legislative goals, detailed in our Public Policy Guide, will continue the development of workforce and financial resources for new and existing high-tech companies in Arizona. We will work to recapitalize the state’s Angel Investment Tax Credit, a program that has a proven track record of incentivizing both investors and high-tech visionaries. We will pursue the creation of a job training program that aligns Arizonans with the high-tech jobs our members need them to fill. We will work to implement the Dodd-Frank small fund exemption so our state attracts more venture capitalism. And we will join with political leaders to seek appropriate funding for every level of the education system that prepares our children to further expand the high-tech successes we have worked to create.

We hope you will join with us as we help take Arizona to the next level of policy that works to aid the Arizona Technology Council members that are turning our state into a high-tech success story! 

Click here to see our 2016 Public Policy Guide and AZTC members, look for the hard copy hitting mailboxes soon.