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Phocos announces new any-grid Hybrid Inverter Series

New 5kW Hybrid Inverter acts as power hub to manage multiple energy sources on-grid or off-grid

Phocos recently announced its new Any-Grid™ Hybrid Inverter Series today at Intersolar Europe. The first product release in this series is a 48VDC input, 5kW, 230VAC output sine wave inverter with built-in 80A MPPT PV charge controller. The Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter Series is designed for flexible energy access to support a broad range of conditions including on-grid, edge-of-grid, and off-grid applications. This new product offers the reliability of a true sine wave inverter with the efficiency of an 80A MPPT solar charge controller to manage multiple energy sources, offering customers a cost-effective, all -in-one solution.

Phocos designed the Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter Series based on customer feedback to create a scalable and robust product line appropriate for homes, businesses, and industry globally regardless of their unique energy access challenges. This product offers a real solution for edge-ofgrid applications where access to power may be unreliable, in transition, or subject to change in the future. The Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter solution provides options for multiple energy sources such as grid power, generators, and solar power systems to be used together seamlessly. This flexibility helps end users maximize the optimum mix of energy resources available today and provides long-term value by having the ability to adapt to both their changing energy needs and their access to resources over time.

“We’ve made our name developing intelligent solutions for increasing reliable energy access for the end user. That comes from decades of practical experience in off-grid where we understand the real-world conditions in which our products operate,” says James Polcyn, Phocos CEO. “Our Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter Series continues this tradition to truly address the growing need for practical, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for edge-of-grid applications. We’re excited to have the opportunity to lend our world-class power electronics expertise to this market,” he adds.

The Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter provides flexibility in selecting charging sources with easily programmable charge profiles via an intuitive LCD user interface with remote mount option. It is compatible with all commercially available lead-acid and LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries and features a built-in data logger that can be accessed on site or via PhocosLink App to monitor the device remotely on a smartphone or tablet. If the grid or generator fails, the Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter can immediately switch to off-grid mode, effectively acting as a UPS so the load is securely powered at all times. In battery-free mode, the Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter can function as a solar-enabled UPS by directly powering loads from the solar array.

For customers who initially install the Any-Grid Hybrid Inverter in an off-grid application but experience grid extension in the future, the transition to grid-interactive operability is seamless and requires no hardware replacement. The integrated high-efficiency MPPT PV charge controller with a high-voltage PV input limit allows for very cost-effective solar installations by enabling the use of higher voltage PV modules readily available in the marketplace. For systems that start small and grow over time, up to nine Any-Grid Hybrid Inverters can be connected in parallel or 3-phase for up to 45 kW of synchronized AC power.

Phocos Group is a global company that designs, manufactures, and supplies world-class solutions for energy production, storage and conservation to
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