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ICYMI: Thriving in a Change Era | Building Adaptable Workforces

It’s easy to ignore the levels of stress we experience on a day-to-day basis and write them off as normal. In these challenging times, professionals in all career paths and industry sectors are feeling overwhelmed to increasingly do more and more. But what can you do when you have looming deadlines and major pressure from your boss and colleagues?

In a recent virtual event hosted by KEO Marketing CEO Sheila Kloefkorn, attendees heard firsthand from AQai CEO Ross Thornley as he shared his insight and research on adaptability, leveraging the power of unlearning and letting go, as well as strategies to drive performance while reducing stress.

As 2020 nears a close, businesses, employers and employees seek guidance to navigate the future of work by measuring and improving adaptability at speed and scale. Fortunately, Thornley provided valuable tips and strategies to improve your adaptability in today’s challenging business climate, as well as transform your physical and mental well-being. 

“The pace of technology in every sector has underpinned a lot of disruption,” said Ross Thornley, co-founder and CEO of AQai Adaptability Assessments and Coaching. “To keep ahead of the curve, we need to embrace a culture of lifelong learning to keep up with the pace of technology.”

“Adaptability of scale and speed is very relevant in the current challenging business environment,” Thornley said. “With so much change going on, it’s hard to keep up and not feel overwhelmed. Consequently, the negative impact of that has been detrimental to our health, resulting in burnout. Not only is it critical to take responsibility for ourselves, but employers must provide an environment for employees to thrive.”

Thornley placed emphasis on the importance of measuring your landscape.

“It’s important to reflect on what’s changed, what stayed the same, and what new opportunities have resulted due to the change in your personal environment. Understanding the shift of uncertainty and ambiguity is the key to map the impact of that change in your landscape.”

Key take-aways for attendees included:
– learning how to develop change agility to transform every area of people and workforce;
– Gaining an understanding of what adaptability and AQ is;
– Discovering how to deploy and scale adaptability programs, to drive performance, innovation and reduce stress; and
– Leveraging the power of ‘unlearning’ and letting go.

Moderated by KEO Marketing CEO Sheila Kloefkorn, was a fantastic discussion and well worth a listen to the replay.



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