Understanding Angel Investors and What Makes Them Tick


Have you heard the term Angel Investor? Looking for Investor Capital? Understanding who Angel Investors are and what makes them tick can be the difference between getting your startup funded or not. Let’s discuss what motivates Angels to open their wallets. In this workshop you will learn what goes on inside the mind of an Angel Investor.

After this session you should be able to…..
• Understand the sequence of equity investing thereby allowing you to position your venture to optimize its capital acquisition strategy
• Know the difference between Angel and Venture Capital and when they each are applicable.
• Profile Angel Investors and their mindset thus enabling smooth engagements.
• Appreciate Angel Investor’s ROI and time horizon expectations so that your venture’s “asks” aligns with their expectations.
• Enhance pitch decks by incorporating key themes that are important to Angel Investors
• Gain a realistic view on how Startups are valued thereby increasing your chances of closing a deal with Angels
• Be more comfortable with the Angel Group Investment Process


9875 N. 85th Ave.
Vantage Conference Room
Peoria , AZ 85345 ,


City of Peoria Economic Development Dept.


September 24, 2023