Traction: Get a grip on your business


Economy is good – Business will be good: Or maybe not???
More businesses fail in a good economy with a good plan.

Let’s face it, running a business is a lot harder than it looks. More businesses fail in a booming economy. Opportunuties are every where! Revenue is climbing! Cash is coming in!, but……..there could be a cliff just over the horizon?

When businesses grow, new hires join the team, and we get slammed busy. Answering the phone becomes harder. Follow ups fewer. CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS can rise, VALUES OVER RUN, and PROFIT EVAPORATE.

This eventually leads to the erosion of the companies reputation and customer base. The once exploding business has done just that – exploded into pieces.

Learn the 6 key areas, that when focused on, will allow you to renew your vision and scale your business to your biggest dreams. Get what you always wanted from your company.

What we will cover
• Strategic Execution: Get a Grip on Your Business
o Hitting the ceiling; Accountability Chart; Rocks; Meeting Pulse; Scorecard
• Entrepreneurism: TRACTION: Vision without Traction is Hallucination
o Assess your Core Values and Core Focus; 10 year target; Marketing Strategy; 3 year picture; 1 year plan; Quarterly Rocks; Issues List
• Leadership: Running the People Part of the Business
o Practical tools to reduce frustration and get better results. Right People. Right Seats.


1010 E. Missouri Ave
Phoenix , AZ 85014


BBB - Maricopa Campus


June 13, 2017