MS Project 2013 Best Practices Course – 102


For Microsoft Project training to be effective it needs to be integrated, applied, and enjoyable. By guiding participants through the construction and use of both sample and actual projects (from your workplace), we have found our training to be both productive, and well received. Other courses may show you how to find the product features – our course teaches you how to use the features to produce meaningful results. This course is for anyone who intends to be involved in planning and/or controlling projects using Microsoft Project. (We have courses available for all versions of Microsoft Project.)

MS Project 102 Course Objectives- By the end of this MS Project training course you will be able to:

*Create work, material, and cost resources

*Create resource calendars

*Assign work, material, and cost resources

*Understand effort-driven scheduling

*Utilize task types and understand their impact on schedule calculations

*Create task calendars

*Assign fixed costs to tasks

*Set up recurring tasks

*Analyze over-allocated resources

*Perform resource leveling – both automatic and manual

*Utilize advanced reporting features

Microsoft Project Course Details

*Length: 8 hours.

*Style: This interactive course is built around “Step by Step Microsoft Project” by Carl Chatfield, PMP. The text is accompanied by PowerPoint presentations – participants build projects based on sample data, as well as developing and experimenting with their own project data.

*Texts: Participants receive a course participant’s manual, course textbook, and sample files.

*Format: Computer classroom. We will supply you with a laptop loaded with Microsoft Project.

*Prerequisites: Microsoft Project Best Practices 101

Microsoft Project Course Content (Best Practices 102)

*Setting up work resources

*Creating resource calendars

*Assigning work resources

*Work calculations

*Task types and their affect on schedules

*Effort-driven scheduling and smart tags

*Creating and assigning cost resources

*Task calendars

*Fixed costs

*Recurring tasks

*Material resources

*Over-allocated resources and resource leveling

*Advanced reporting

*Creating a lookup table

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