How to Become a Successful Federal Government Contractor


Who is the largest customer in the world? It’s the U.S. federal government and it offers many business opportunities.This workshop takes you through all the steps to win a federal government contract. The seminar answers such questions as: How does a business become a federal government contractor? What are the contract opportunities for small businesses? What is a bid strategy? How does a business write a proposal that will win the contract?

Presented by Carol Ingley

Carol Ingley, MBA, has helped companies win more than $18 billion in federal government contracts. She is both a technologist and pricing expert. Carol Ingley has 20+ years of commercial and federal contract experience in technology design, technology volume management, price volume management, financial forecasting and trend analysis. She is president of ingleyPriceToWin.


1221 N. Central Avenue, 2nd floor
Phoenix , AZ 85004


Burton Barr Hive


September 13, 2017


6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.