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Are you a team leader or professional who wants more success with people?

Do you want to increase your one-on-one communication effectiveness with peers, subordinates, clients and friends?

Would you want to learn to influence and motivate others, in their own personal style?

Could your team function more effectively by better understanding each other?
DISC for Success

Each of us has a natural style for interacting with others. The DISC behavioral profile which aligns with four different behavioral traits:
– Dominance
– Influence
– Steady
– Compliance

Once we understand these four traits, we’re able to identify the primary traits in others, and increase both our understanding and influence.

What You Will Learn:
– More effective team and individual communication, with less conflict
– Identify the primary behavior styles for your prospects, staff, peers, friends, and yourself
– Use your DISC awareness to form tighter relationships, build trust and likeability
– Use your DISC awareness to more effectively influence and motivate others

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April 17, 2018


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