CTO / CIO Forum – The Role of Agility in Digital Transformation Strategy


A conversation with CIOs / CTOs about the role of agility in Digital Transformation Strategy (DTS) activities in their organization and beyond. Agility is intentionally responding to change caused by opportunities and threats. DTS is reinventing or inventing your business in a disruptive technology market. The strategies may include 1) spin up a startup within a larger organization, 2) create a few digital experiments, and / or 3) leverage technology to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Gupta (2018) stated, DTS will help you cut to the chase so that you may:
● Innovate your business model
● Strengthen your value stream
● Think about your customers empathetically
● Create an agile organization

In the digital age, organizations must change their mindset, the interaction with customers, partners, and suppliers, and transform how the business works inside and outside.

DTS allows an organization to navigate the technology disruptions creating turbulence in their market(s) and domain. By deploying agility as a practice organizations obtain three empirical pillars that include transparency, inspections, and adaptation, which enables collaboration with business partners to develop a digital roadmap.

This panel discussion with local and remote CIOs / CTOs panelist will provide insights into the challenges and opportunities they face day to day.


600 S. Meyer Ave.
Tucson , AZ 85701




November 16, 2019


10:00 am