Cloud ETL for the Modern Enterprise with Google, Matillion and Datalere


60% of any analytics project lies in data integration.
With the introduction of cloud solutions, there is now even more confusion around ingestion, ELT, ETL, curation, wrangling, and any other “term of the day” that is introduced.
Gone are the days of heavy ETL solutions. On deck are agile solutions that lend to speed and scalability. These solutions are key to high-performing data teams and the immediate delivery of valuable insights within days, not months, to maintain corporate viability in these innovative times.
Please join Datalere and our partners, Matillion and Google, as we explore the new world capabilities of data integration. Whether you are deep into the cloud journey or exploring solutions for future implementation, we will clear the air of confusion while demonstrating you the power of agile ETL.

You will learn:
Strategies for modern data ingestion and integration
How to get started creating a modern data ecosystem
How modern services from Google and Matillion can be game-changing
How Matillion integrates with leading cloud MPP platforms like Google Big Query

Who should attend:
Anyone that is involved in the management or implementation of data integration solutions and would like to better understand the benefits of cloud ETL.


1841 North 24th Street #10 Phoenix
Phoenix , AZ


24th Street Conference Center


October 16, 2018


8:00 AM – 10:30 AM MST