Actionable Real World End Point Security Solution and The Real State of AI


Join this ACTRA and Arizona Infragard ‘INVITATION ONLY” (and your invited guests) event to evaluate the real capability of Aritificial Intelligence’ (AI) today. Simultaneously explore how we can complement the gaps in AI by focusing on success stories and use cases presenting practical and actionable real world solutions. Although we all aspire to be proactively preventive, we remain stymied in the world of the reactive and its associated “Defense in Depth” complexity and cost. The security industry has profited qreatly from the insecurity of the world and this reactive paradigm. Relying on the best technology we have had at the time to deflect the onslaught of what we faced daily in the way of malware and other attacks, we have struggled with this for decades. Yet, on a good day, capture and deflection rates rose above 50%, requiring that we labor assiduously to manage leaderships’ expectations. We finally got leadership to understand and accept the industry mantra: “IT’S NOT IF BUT WHEN”! So let’s put our heads together stimulated by practical subject matter experts to figure out where we really are with regard to AI solutions, and practical answers to plug the gap today.


23636 North 7th Street
Phoenix , AZ 85024


Central Arizona Project (CAP)


July 10, 2019