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Spring 2018 TechTerra Recycling Week

Presented by WesTech Recyclers


Do you have unwanted electronics at your office or home? Join the Arizona Technology Council and Westech Recyclers for our first TechTerra Recycling Week of 2018. All AZTC members can contact Tom Holland with Westech anytime throughout the week of April 16-20 to schedule a free pickup of any unwanted electronics. Items can also be dropped off to any Data Doctors locations for complimentary recycling all week. We encourage you to promote this to your staff, any of whom can also bring items from their home.

Concerned about data security? Not to worry!  Westech will securely destroy any data on your equipment and will perform a one-pass-wipe on all hard drives in accordance with NIST 800-88 guidelines. 

Ways to Participate

  1. Call to schedule a pick-up of unwanted electronics. To schedule a pickup (10 item minimum), please call Tom at 602-256-7626. 
  2. Become a drop-off location! Donate your space as a public drop-off donation site for the week. 
  3. Drop-off your items at a specified drop-off location, including any Data Doctors sites. 

Want to get your company involved? Please contact Tom at 602-256-7626.

What Can I Recycle? 

Westech will accept the following items:

  • Computer Equipment –  PC’s, Laptops,  Servers, Tablet Computers, LCD Monitors, Modems, Switches, Hubs and Routers, Storage Devices, Main Frames, Servers, Power Supplies, Tape Libraries, Circuit Boards, Power Cords, Wire and Cabling, Mice, Keyboards, Hard Drives, Floppy, DVD and CD Drives, etc.
  • Point of Sale Equipment – Credit Card Machines, Printers, Scanners, etc.
  • Telecom Equipment – Telephones, Cell Phones, Switches, CSU/DSU Multiplexing Equipment, Phone Systems, Answering Systems, etc.
  • Printing Equipment – Printers, Fax Machines, Copiers, Calculators, Typewriters, and Printer Cartridges
  • Audio/Visual Equipment – Flat Panel Televisions (LCD, Plasma, LED), Stereos, Radios, Amplifiers, Projectors, Satellite and Cable Equipment, Video Equipment, Video Game Equipment, Surveillance Equipment, Cameras, Broadcasting Equipment, Communication Equipment, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Electronic Items – Test Equipment, Lab Equipment, Medical Equipment, Cables and Wire, Connectors, Ballasts (No PCB’s), Power Strips, etc.
  • Surplus Metals, Wire, Cable,  etc.

    Unfortunately Technology Recycling Week will not be accepting CRT televisions, CRT monitors, rear-projection TVs, vacuums, hair dryers or alkaline batteries.

You can request a receipt for your tax-deductible donation as a portion of the proceeds goes towards the Arizona Technology Council Foundation and the STEM initiatives we support.

Want to get your company involved? Please contact Tom at 602-256-7626. Some of our committed 2017 partners included: 

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Monday April 16, 2018 to Friday October 20, 2017


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