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eGreen IT Solutions selected as a 2020 e-Stewards disability employment program participant

 e-Stewards ADVANCE+ workforce development program to benefit people with autism and other disabilities

e-Stewards® has announced the 2020 class of e-Stewards Certified Recyclers participating in their new ADVANCE+ program. ADVANCE+ is a workforce development program created to employ people with autism and other disabilities. It is being piloted under the expert management of the James Emmett and Company, a consultancy at the forefront of fostering employment for under-employed disabled individuals. The ADVANCE+ program is designed to help e-Stewards solve critical business labor problems while helping their communities solve a critical and growing social issue.

“e-Stewards is proud to bring this workforce development initiative to our industry,” said Bob Akers, e-Stewards Enterprise Director. “ADVANCE+ is a great added value for e-Stewards and provides an important, valuable program for their communities.”

The participating e-Stewards Certified Companies for 2020 are:
•  APTO Solutions
•  Cascade Asset Management
•  Comprenew
•  eGreen IT Solutions
•  Friendly Earth International
•  Liquid Technology
•  Sage Sustainable Electronics
•  Sipi Asset Recovery
•  Universal Recycling Technologies

“eGreen IT Solutions, a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise, is pleased to participate in e-Stewards Certified Recyclers’ new ADVANCE+ workforce development program for individuals with with autism and other disabilities,” said Karin Harris, president of eGreen IT solutions, LLC.

The ADVANCE+ concept has been piloted by e-Stewards Blue Star Recyclers of Colorado and Illinois. The Blue Star experience proved that individuals on the autism spectrum are exceptionally well-suited to the often repetitive, but technically detailed, manual labor done by electronic equipment dismantlers and refurbishers.

“As a long-time e-Steward certified recycler with a social enterprise mission of employing people with disabilities, Blue Star Recyclers is excited to be part of the launch of the ADVANCE+ program,” said Bill Morris, founder of Blue Star Recyclers. “The goal is to show other e-Stewards how to leverage the disability workforce to create a win-win-win situation benefitting: ethical recyclers who are seeking a better labor solution, those with disabilities who are seeking employment, and the good of our communities and country.”

Participating e-Stewards recyclers were selected for the ADVANCE+ program by a panel of third-party disability experts. They will receive training and accompanying tools, covering employee sourcing and integration, outreach, and messaging. The training program valued at $35,000 for each e-Stewards company has been funded by two philanthropic foundations, and will be provided by the nationally recognized consultancy — James Emmett and Company. James Emmett has worked with such corporations as PepsiCo, Walgreens, and Best Buy to advance employment for the disabled.

“Hiring workers with autism and similar disabilities has proven to have a positive bottom-line impact on the companies who have undertaken this effort,” said James Emmett. “These companies have found that employees with autism are more loyal, safer, and can perform equally or better when compared to their counterparts without disabilities.”

For more information contact:
Bob Akers, e-Stewards Enterprise Program
+1 (206) 436-8595
[email protected]
About e-Stewards® Certification

The e-Stewards® Standard and Certification identifies and promotes the most ethical and responsible electronics recyclers and refurbishers around the world. e-Stewards Certified Recyclers agree to operate at the highest level of environmental and social responsibility. They will ensure that all residual private data on electronic waste equipment they receive is destroyed and that they will never export any hazardous electronics to developing countries from developed countries. In addition, the highest levels of worker and community protection must be met. Organizations that are e-Stewards Certified are audited yearly by third-party auditors. Performance is further uniquely verified by unannounced inspections and GPS tracking. The e-Stewards program is supported by a network of e-Stewards Enterprise partners, including major corporations, municipalities, nonprofits, and institutions that commit to making best efforts to use e-Stewards Certified Recyclers. For more information on e-Stewards, visit or call +1 (206) 436-8595.

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