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Corporate Wholeness: the Insight and Inspiration

This is a guest blog article by Aubrey Lincoln and Eva Maurice

Corporate Wholeness; the Insight and InspirationCreate the potential for optimal performance at work by providing tools to create a fulfilling personal life.

What would it be like to feel on top of your game, not just at work but in your personal life as well? Can you say that your work/personal life is in balance? How are your relationships, health and creativity? What would you change if you could? Imagine feeling alive and passionate in all areas of your life. It’s possible!

One of the top reasons we don’t perform at work is due to our personal lives at home. If we are expending energy on personal problems such as marital issues, challenges with children or unfulfilled passions we are likely to need more self care and have little or no time for it. So, the energy we put into our work suffers. As employees, entrepreneurs, and business owners we cannot afford to perform below our expectations.

Welcome to Corporate Wholeness, a REAL wellness program that works from the inside out. ALL of our success; career, finances, relationships, parenting, health, passion, creativity and personal satisfaction stems from our Self Worth. In order to raise our worth we must practice Self Care. This is not a woo-woo crystals and chanting program, this is the Foundation of Evolution.

Create a culture of Self Care and turn your staff into a team. Can you imagine your employees coming into work empowered, engaged and producing beyond your expectations? Can you imagine coming into work feeling that way yourself?! Show that your organization values its employees and supports them in leading mindful lives by inspiring them with frequent support at a steady pace with interactive experiences. Create the potential for optimal performance at work by providing tools to create a fulfilling personal life.

With the commitment of leadership the Corporate Wholeness Employee Enrichment Program brings insight and inspiration to each individual in their personal lives to manifest the optimal climate for success in their professional lives.

Each program includes weekly newsletters (some with video clips) assignments & meditations as well as monthly interactive workshops and sharing circles. We suggest starting with the 30 Day Foundation Program and easing into the 90 Day Transformation.

Self Care is the topic of the 30 Day Foundation. The Foundation is a daily practice of nurturing ourselves allowing us to begin the journey towards true success.

Below is a brief outline of the 30 Day Foundation Program. Of course your company’s needs are evaluated and adjustments are made. This program been proven to provide results in the workplace by supporting our employees and ourselves on our personal path.

  • Week One: Program Welcome Email, Interactive Presentation, Guided Mediation, Gratitude Assignment
  • Week Two: Inspirational Email, Guided Meditation, Physical Body Assignment, Yoga Workshop
  • Week Three: Inspirational Email, Guided Meditation, Morning Journaling Assignment
  • Week Four: Inspirational Email, Guided Meditation, Connection Assignment and Follow-Up, Workshop/Sharing Circle(s)

If you have been craving more from life or just feel stuck in the day to day, this program will open you up to change. If your employees aren’t motivated or lack leadership, this program will inspire them. If you want to show your clients you care; care about your team by giving them these priceless tools.

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Eva Maurice is available for consultations at [email protected]

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