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AZTC Launches TechConnect Podcast

Posted on: Jun 12, 2018 | By: Lauren Witte

In partnership with Coplex, the Arizona Technology Council has launched the TechConnect AZ Podcast in an effort to share the incredible accomplishments of AZTC members and Arizona tech innovators in an easily-consumable, convenient format.

Every month, we will be bringing you a unique story showcasing a member of the local technology community. The players of our innovation ecosystem have marvelous tales to share, from founder mess ups to utilizing new technologies to improve the lives of those around us. Keeping the theme of our quarterly TechConnect magazine, we will profile some of the same contributors featured in the pages of the publication.

Many in the Arizona tech community are unaware of the incredible accomplishments of their peers, like World View in Tucson who recently launched a KFC sandwich into space when testing their Stratollite, and the partnership between the Arizona Technology Council’s Additive Manufacturing Committee and Phoenix Children’s Hospital, through which AM leaders provide 3D-printed prosthetics to families in need, as child prosthetics are commonly not insured and unattainable to many.

In the upcoming episodes, you can expect to hear genuine content from the tech heroes themselves. Part How I Built This, part Under the Radar, the TechConnect podcast will provide an intimate view into the lives of Arizona’s most innovative and creative minds and companies, many of whom you may not even know about yet.

Know of a great company or innovator that should be featured on TechConnect AZ? Get in touch with us at and share comments on Facebook + Twitter: @aztechcouncil. 

About our podcast sponsor, Coplex is an expert team of startup creators located in Phoenix, AZ. Ranked Top 7 Startup Accelerator, Coplex helps non-coding, industry experts start successful tech companies and get them to venture-ready in as little as nine months.

Available Episodes

Episode 1 - World View CEO, Jane Poynter, CEO

Episode 2 - Coplex Startup Founders