TechTerra Recycling Program


Do you have older computer and electronic equipment taking up space in your office or storage area? The TechTerra Recycling Program is a partnership between the Arizona Technology Council and Westech Recyclers that provides AZTC members the opportunity to recycle older computer and electronic equipment at no cost throughout the year (ten item pick-upminimum). The TechTerra Program provides AZTC members with a professional, convenient, safe, secure and legal way to dispose of your obsolete and surplus computer, medical, manufacturing and electronic equipment. In addition, your donation is tax-deductible and a percentage of the proceeds will support the Arizona Technology Council Foundation. Additionally, some of the newer computer equipment is donated to schools throughout Arizona. TechTerra also offers an asset share recovery program for newer/surplus electronic items and AZTC members can receive payment for their newer equipment.

Founded in 1995, Westech Recyclers is one of the oldest and largest electronic recycling firms in the west. Westech recycles all electronic items in accordance with state and federal recycling regulations. The older electronic items are disassembled for the plastics, metals, etc. and these commodity items are then processed and recycled back into the manufacturing stream. Westech has a zero landfill policy for the electronic waste. Westech’s facility located at 910 W. Jackson Street in Phoenix is R2, ISO 14001:2004 and RIOS certified. Interested in recycling through the TechTerra Recycling Program? Contact Tom Holland of Westech Recyclers at 602.256.7626 or If your business is in Tucson, please call 800.700.8545.