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BeaconStream Puts Your Business Right into Your Buyer’s Hands

Posted on: May 14, 2015 | By: Merry Lake Merrell

BeaconStreamBeaconStream, a Scottsdale-based, Arizona Technology Council member, is making proximity marketing work for businesses nationwide.

Beacons make a business' messaging relevant by making it location-sensitive, which can increase engagement, satisfaction and drive sales. When equipped with beacons, a grocery store can suggest a pineapple upside-down cake recipe to shoppers at the pineapple display. A convention center can map event attendance in real time. A hardware store can provide step-by-step directions to reach a particular drill bit. A university can instantly and accurately track attendance in a large auditorium. Any business, organization, or facility that can benefit from sending different messages to users depending on where they are standing can benefit from beacon technology.

“Have you ever said to yourself, 'This restaurant is great -- I would have started eating here months ago if I knew it was so nearby?' Have you ever left a retail store because no one was available to help you find what you needed? Location-sensitive messages really matter to people. The ability to connect with people about what's nearby is what separates valuable messaging from spam," said Venkat Nallapati, President and CEO of BeaconStream. “There are over 1.8 billion smart phones in use on the planet,” said Venkat Nallapati, President and CEO of BeaconStream. “The question facing businesses is, ‘How do I succeed in this new paradigm? How can I reach out to consumers in a cost effective way?’ Beacons provide the answer.”

BeaconStream helps businesses connect with their buyers in four ways: they offer a customizable app that provides users with notifications from nearby beacons, they offer a software developer kit that helps companies efficiently create their own beacon apps, they provide beacon owners with a sophisticated software portal to manage multiple beacons over multiple sites, and they sell the beacon hardware that transmits the notification signals.

In addition to providing businesses with beacons directly, BeaconStream also partners with hardware resellers who are interested in providing beacons, app developers who are interested in building beacon apps, and agencies that want to use iBeacon to target consumers. BeaconStream invites you to find out more on their website at