2015 AZTC Public Policy Guide

The Arizona Technology Council is the principal advocate for technology companies in Arizona. It continuously monitors federal, state and local policies that impact the health and growth of Arizona’s technology industry. Through the collective strength of our members, the Council informs and educates policy makers on issues that are important to Arizona's technology-based industries. To download this Guide as a PDF, click here.

The Council and its Public Policy Committee hereby submit the 2015 Public Policy Guide. In creating this document, the Committee relied heavily on the Council’s mission by preparing key ideas, goals and legislative initiatives that:

  • Improve the business climate for the technology industry
  • Provide sources of capital that encourage entrepreneurship
  • Create an environment that supports technology-related job retention and creation
  • Train and attract the required talent to compete in a global innovation economy

The Committee created a list of principles in a number of subject areas then established related positions, which will be used as the foundation of the Council’s public policy efforts. In some cases, the positions will advance through the legislative process, including development and advocacy of legislation that will be introduced during the 2015 legislative session. In other cases, the positions will be used on an ongoing basis as regulators introduce new or change existing regulations that are pertinent to Council members. In any case, the Public Policy Committee of the Council will be engaged in various efforts to advance the position of Arizona’s technology companies.

The following principles and positions will aid elected officials at all levels of government as they craft policies that affect Arizonans and Arizona’s economy for years to come.

Arizona Technology Council Legislative Priorities - 2015
  • Expand the Refundable Research & Development Tax Credit
  • Recapitalize the Angel Investment Tax Credit
  • Restore K-12 Education Funding